Weekends Are For Kids

It seems that our new son, Christian, is creating a good deal of confusion in the house. Take last week, for example, when I was driving home from church with Joshua and Andi. An Abbott and Costello routine errupted in the back seat.

Joshua: We were at church with Christians.

Andi: Christian’s at home.

Joshua: No – all the Christians. Not Christian.

Andi: Christian’s a baby.

Joshua: Not Christian, CHRISTIANS! I’m a Christian.

Andi: You’re Joshua. And I’m Andi!

Joshua: We’re all Christians. You, me, and Daddy. (I chose a different time to try and reinforce the theological difficulties of Joshua’s statements at this point).

Andi (now starting to sob): I don’t want to be Christian. I’m a big girl. I’m Andi.


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