Holy Humdrum

T-Wax reflects on the ordinariness of life:

I’ve come to realize that I can either view interruptions and mundane daily routines as a necessary evil, or as a sacred reminder from the Lord himself:

  • A reminder that I am not the master of my life.
  • A reminder that I am called to serve in ways seen and unseen.
  • A reminder that along with God’s good gifts come great responsibilities.
  • A reminder that I am called to minister to the actual people in front of me, and not wait around for a “ministry” that exists only in my mind.

Nothing is humdrum if done to the glory of God. I can spend all evening wondering what God’s plan is for us ten years down the road… or I can decide that God’s immediate will is for me to help my wife with the dishes.

God is no stranger to the mundane and menial task. His Son was a carpenter, after all. But God specializes in using ordinary items for extraordinary purposes.

Jesus takes a little boy’s packed lunch – bread and fish – and feeds thousands.

He takes a creaky fisherman’s boat and makes it a pulpit for him to preach to the masses.

He spits on the ground and uses dirt to heal a man’s blindness.

He takes the most ordinary of all foods – bread, breaks it, and says, “This is my body.” He takes the cup and says, “This is my blood.”

He fills a basin with ordinary water and washes dirty feet.

The cross is just two planks of wood. Yet through the cross, the world is saved.

So next time, you change diapers, wash dishes, fix your car, mow your lawn, or have your schedule interrupted – spend some time with the Lord. Remember the sacredness of time. And then, thank God for holy humdrum.

(HT: T-Wax)

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  • Jim Johnston says:

    Nothing is ordinary or average from God’s perspective. His fingerprints are on everything and everyone, which leaves nothing in the category of run of the mill. Great post from Trevin.

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