Digesting Passion

I was in Atlanta, GA, last week along with 23,000 college students and leaders after experiencing Passion 2010. I had the prililege of serving there as a community group leader, which means I did a morning and evening Bible study time with a group of about 500 students.

What an incredible time of encountering the Lord in a fresh and intimate way. I’ve got tons of notes from folks like Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Francis Chan, John Piper and Andy Stanley. I’ll be posting about the experience from time to time, but I wanted today to put down just a few memories I’ll take from these days.

1. 23,000 students lifting up the name of Jesus in an arena that, only a few days before, hosted 2 Widespread Panic shows.

2. Louie Giglio: “Passion is about trading something very small in for something very big.”

3. Using the bathroom next to Francis Chan. I decided that wasn’t the moment the engage him in conversation.

4. Beth Moore: “Regardless of what pain exists in your past, the very fact that God allowed it into your life in the first place is proof that it’s meant to be part of your ministry.”

5. Andy Stanley: “You’ve got to decide who you want to be before you decide what you want to do.”

6. Seeing those 23,000 students give over $650,000 straight to missional causes for the kingdom of God.

7. John Piper: “Heaven will not be a hall of mirrors; it will be an era of self-forgetfulness.”

8. Leaving Passion in the middle of the night because my wife was going into labor.

All great things to remember. Were you there? What will you take with you?

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