Fridays Are For One Question

The light-blogging week here at Forward Progress is due to a week spent in California. Our family was able to go to Legoland – an amusement park themed around Legos. Joshua loved it.

There was the 7 foot tall Lego Darth Vader. Also a life-size Lego Indiana Jones. And a scale model of New York City. So I’ve been thinking alot about toys this week, and that leads me to today’s question:

What one toy from your childhood would you still play with if you had the chance?

**The goal of “One Question Friday” is simple: To show that everyone has something funny, engaging, creative, and worthwhile to say. So comment away! Be real. Be creative. Think hard. And check back to see how others answered the question.

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  • April Campbell says:

    My one toy would have to by My Little Ponys

  • brandy says:

    Ummm…..definitely Lincoln Logs. My husband would probably agree, since he has a set in his office! 🙂

  • andyblanks says:

    Any of my dozens and dozens of GI Joe’s.

    My mom sold them all in a yard sale.

  • Playmobil. I had a village of Indians, and my brother Joshua had a fort full of Civil War cavalry. I loved the tiny accessories, and could spend hours perfecting all the details of my little tableaux. Of course, by the time I finished setting up, Joshua would have already reenacted how the west was won three times, despite losing half his troops to our little brother Caleb, who liked to ‘scalp’ them with his teeth. (In his defense, I am happy to report that Caleb, now nearly 18, has given up chewing on people’s heads.)

    Sometimes we would get really creative and make cities for our little people out of books, VHS tapes, and buckets of…you guessed it: Legos. Those were a big favorite, too.

    I’m so glad you all are having a fun time in California!

  • Heather says:

    Hands down… big wheel. It would probably need to be re-engineered for an adult…maybe have some real tires but I would ride that thing to work.

  • P.S. OK, so I just realized that this question was for LAST Friday, not today. Oh, well.

    P.P.S. By the way, I went down to the 7th floor to see where my new office will be once I move next week (I’m currently on 9 DCT), and guess whose name is on the door! :o)

  • Now I’m making a fool out of myself. Today is October 9th. I guess I should start looking at my calendar more often!

    (Sorry to clutter up your blog with my silliness. Feel free to delete my excessive comments.)

  • jonathan says:

    nerf bow and arrow and a big wheel used in tandem…drive by!

  • Vicki says:

    I’m with Heather…BIG WHEEL!

  • Renee Teate says:

    Go cart! pedal to the metal,,,and never run out of gas.

  • hthomson says:

    Tough one – K’Nex, maybe? Sometimes I also like to reread the books I liked as a kid.

  • Brad says:

    My many worn out bicycles, I wore out. Still live to ride…

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