Weekends Are For Kids

Andi has won my heart. I mean, come on – look at her.


One problem in life right now, though – Andi does not like to be dropped off places. She cries when she goes to Sunday School. She cries when she goes to school. She cries even when she has to go upstairs to the little kids’ room for our community group in our friends’ house. This week at community group, we could hear her wailing upstairs (which is no small feat, considering our community group has 25 kids at it.) And I decided to put my parental foot down.

So I went upstairs and pulled her out of the class. The following is how the conversation went:

ME: Andi, what’s the problem?

ANDI (sniff, sniff): I just want my daddy, cause I love you.

ME: I love you, too. Stop crying.

ANDI: Daddy?

ME: Stop crying. You need to have a happy heart. You are here to play with friends, sing songs, and learn about Jesus.

ANDI (sniff, sniff): Kay…

ME: I’m serious. Find a happy heart, Andi. And if you can find it, after community group we can share a piece of cake.

ANDI (less sniffing): Kay…

ME: Okay. So let’s review. Do you want to have some cake?

ANDI: Yeah…

ME: And what do you need if you want to have the cake?

ANDI: Fork.

I’m done. She had me at fork.

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