Weekends Are For Kids

Another post from the baseball world from Joshua. At our last practice, we went for almost 2 hours.

Wow. The last thing of the night was a base running contest. So the coach put all the boys in a line, spreading out the faster and slower ones. Joshua was positioned last. The context was this: he was going to send them running one at a time with a short distance in between. The person who passed the most people on the basepath won a prize. So the boys start one at a time: Go. Go. Go. Finally it’s Joshua’s turn.

Go Joshua Go!

He runs about 20 feet, and then pauses. Instead of continuing to first base, he runs as fast as he can across the field to third base, touches that one and turns for home. Arriving at home plate, he declared that he had passed everyone. Joshua won the prize for being the smartest.

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