The Butterfly Nebula

Not trying to be sacrilegious, but I kind of think God had fun making this one. Check out what the Hubble Telescope took a picture of:


From CNN:

Its “wings” are made of gas heated to more than 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit and there is a dying star at its center.

“The gas is tearing across space at more than 600,000 miles an hour — fast enough to travel from Earth to the moon in 24 minutes,” NASA’s Web site says.

The “butterfly” is more than 2 light-years across.

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1 Comment

  • Becky Dietz says:

    I know God is the Great Creator, but I like to think that he sometimes hands the paint (or substance) to those in heaven and says, “Have at it!”–still letting them be creative just like they were here on earth.

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