Friday's Are For One Question

If I start thinking about the people who have dramatically influenced my life, probably only half of the people on that list I have actually met. Some were dead years before I was born, but their writing, ideas, policies, or commitments have taken hold inside me and shaped me into the person I’m still becoming.

So how about you? This week’s question:

“Who’s the one person that has influenced you the most but you’ve never met?”

**The goal of “One Question Friday” is simple: To show that everyone has something funny, engaging, creative, and worthwhile to say. So comment away! Be real. Be creative. Think hard. And check back to see how others answered the question.

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  • Rob Kuefner says:

    Jesus Christ first and foremost. Probably Luther and C. S. Lewis if True Man and True God isn’t included in the running.

  • Jana Kelley says:

    I might say, Jeff Lewis. Not the guy from Flipping Out, but the random missions speaker that came to speak to our college group years ago. No, I never became a missionary, but my heart was forever changed for the nations.

  • Nanette Ryan says:

    I don’t know if I can say she’s influenced me the MOST, but I have been greatly influenced in my adult life of faith by Beth Moore.

  • Becky says:

    Lottie Moon. I heard her story when I was in G.A.’s. I’ve read several books about her. I admire her courage of going to China as a young single woman (for life!) and changing the face of missions with her letters.

  • Marcy Hallden says:

    I don’t want to sound cliche, but I would have to say John Piper. It might have taken a year or two way back in 1997-98 to somewhat graps that God loves Himself more than He loves me, but once I really got it–that it really is all about His glory, it has totally changed the way I see life. I can NEVER sing that Michael W. Smith song, “He took the fall, and thought of me above all” without honestly thinking in my head, “He took the fall, and thought of Himself and His Own glory above all.” But it really does make the most sense to me now–in order for Him to love me perfectly, He must first love Himself. Sorry, I wrote a book.

  • Jana Kelley says:

    Marcy, ha ha ha. I feel the same way about Smitty’s song. Every time I hear it, I want to go tell someone that’s not the whole story. There’s so much more. Somehow the lyrics in my head never really sound quite as catchy though.

  • liturgicsjay says:

    Who is your person, MK?

  • Michael K. says:

    I’ve got 3. CS Lewis, I think, has influenced most of us in more ways than we know, just because he’s influenced many of the people who have directly influenced us.

    But a few years ago, I was reading John Piper and Brennan Manning at the same time. Both of those guys, from different perspectives, caused me to really fall in love with the gospel.

    Also Steven Spielberg. Probably not as much as the others though.

  • Renee Teate says:

    John MacArthur. When I first got saved, I was walking every morning and he came on BOTT radio at 8:30 am. What I understand of scripture today is based largely on that daily feeding from Grace To You.

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