Fridays Are For One Question

If you’re new to the blog, every Friday we ask a question that is non-rhetorical (so you’re supposed to answer it.) Some weeks are better questions than others, admittedly, but I’m excited about today’s.

I am offended on my wife’s behalf when someone asks her if she works. She doesn’t get a paycheck, but she works. With 2 kids under 5 and another on the way, she works. Alot.

We all do. Whether we get a paycheck or not, all of us spend our days doing work. So think about what it is that you do – inside or outside the home, what you get paid for or what you don’t get paid for. How would you describe it in a title? That’s this week’s question:

“If you were to have personal business cards printed, what would it say under your name?”

**The goal of “One Question Friday” is simple: To show that everyone has something funny, engaging, creative, and worthwhile to say. So comment away! Be real. Be creative. Think hard. And check back to see how others answered the question.

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  • Jason Hale says:

    I am torn between:
    “Professional Friend” or
    “El Presidente, Michael Kelley Fan Club”

  • Renee Teate says:

    I’m gonna cheat and copy from my facebook:

    Daughter of the King of Kings, wife of Mike, mother of Will & Laura, employee of Black Box. Love to read, study God’s word, socialize with my friends, listen to Christian music. Sometimes I like to cook, clean, work, mostly love these when I’m done.

  • Andy P. says:

    Andrew C. Platt, esquire
    A lover, not a fighter

  • Michael K. says:

    Good responses guys all the way around.

    Andrew Platt, esquire – I might actually personally pay for business cards for you with that on there.

  • Donna Coggin says:

    Donna W. Coggin
    Wife of One Husband
    35 consecutive years experience
    29 of the best years of my life!

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