Weekends Are For Kids

Knowing that the subject could potentially open up a can of worms, it was time to tell Joshua and Andi that we’re going to have another baby. Andi said she would give him/her kisses. Joshua? Well, not so smooth…

Adult: “Guess what, guys? We’re going to have another baby in our house.”

Joshua: “Today?”

Adult: “No not today. Not for about 8 months.”

Joshua: “How long is 8 months?”

Adult: “It’s past your birthday, past mommy’s birthday, and past Christmas.”

Joshua: “Why’s this taking so long?”

Adult: “Well, it takes time for the baby to grow big and healthy enough to be born.”

Joshua: “What’s born?”

Adult: “Born is when the baby comes out of mommy’s tummy and into the hospital room and then comes home.”

Joshua: “How does the baby get into your tummy?”

Adult: “Umm…….”

Joshua: “Is it in there now?”

Adult: “Yep. Sure is.”

Joshua: “Well how’d it get in there?”

Adult: “Umm….”

Joshua: “Did you eat a baby?”

Adult: “Something like that. Hey! Sesame Street is on!”

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  • What a smart little guy! I think you may have a future Theologian based on his awesome deductive reasoning skills!

  • Allison says:

    weak! it was your one shining moment to tell the truth and have checked that off your list!

  • taylor says:

    next time tell him straight up. that’ll teach him to be so curious.

  • vikki & pete says:

    We think you handled that brilliantly! Sesame Street was the perfect answer. By the way…ours is due about a week after yours:)

  • liturgicsjay says:

    I think Isaac accosted us with similar questions when Olivia was on her way into this world. And, I’m pretty sure we saw a “deer” outside the front window. It was strange and funny at the same time.

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