We Have No Idea

From Perry Noble:

Charisse, my daughter, is a smart little girl.

She already knows her letters, colors, numbers and how to land a man on Mars. (OK, maybe not the last one.)

AND…she knows how to ask me for things such as when she wants a hug, or some water or to go outside. She knows how to ask me for what she wants in the moment…and she believes that I can do what she is asking of me…


She has no idea what I am capable of…or the things I do behind the scenes of her life that she benefits from…but remains unaware of.

* She wants a cup of milk…but I am making preparations for her to attend college one day.
* She wants to go outside…and I am working hard to buy toys that she can play with while she is out there.
* She wants to go to bed…and I do all that I can to make sure we have a safe house to live in so she can sleep.

I think you see what I am saying…she is an amazing little girl…but her mind just can’t fully understand right now how much I can do for her.

Perry goes on to relate this idea to the imagination of God, that He not only can do more than we can imagine, but indeed currently IS DOING more than we can imagine. If you think about it, it takes the old standby verse of Romans 8:28 in another direction. When we read, “We know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose,” our brains categorize “all things” into the stuff we directly see and know. We relate it to the things we personally and cognitively experience.

But all things means ALL THINGS.

Not only the things we are aware of, but millions of things millions of miles away from our sphere of consciousness. God is working those things, too, for our good. Those things at the cellular level. Those things in the cosmic reaches of the universe. Those cars that don’t hit us as we’re walking across the street because God delayed them for a split second. Those cars that do hit us because our life has radically drifted out of focus of the cross.


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  • jenn says:

    Stopping by from Meg’s blog. Great reminder. Thanks.

  • Christopher Lake says:

    What a great blog post! I think about this truth often… how God’s plan is so much bigger than the seemingly “big” things that we often notice… but I should think about it even more and live more in light of it. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks to Perry Noble for writing it!

  • Drew says:

    Great reminder. I think if we were able to conceive of how little we actually do conceive of, then it would blow our minds to the point that we would just sit on the floor and pray to God for the strength to get up.

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