Our Full Potential

Some would argue that the pastor is supposed to help people reach their potential. And while there’s an element that’s true of that, that a pastor can help people chase the dreams God has put in their heart, there’s another side to the coin. That side is explained in this short blog from Jared Wilson, aka the “dude moving to the top of my wish-he-was-my-friend” list:

It is not a pastor’s job to help people reach their full potential. Our full potential is terrifying. If we all reached our full potential, we’d be out in the streets murdering each other.

The only reasons we’re not all out in the streets murdering each other is because of the grace of God and because we prefer more convenient and more comfortable sins.

It is a pastor’s job to remind people that their full potential is utter depravity but that the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus the risen Lord.

The minister’s job is not aiding self-actualization, but self-denial and Christ-exaltation.

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