Happy Blog-iversary, "Forward Progress"

One year ago, I started this blog. Thank you guys for reading, adding to, and interacting on it. I’ve tried to have a healthy mix of stuff on here, from theological reflections to movie reviews to stories about my kids to the occasional Zoomba class. All told, there have been 284 posts, 1217 comments, and some great interaction. In celebration of the 1-year-blogging milestone, here’s a list of the most popular blog posts over year 1 of Forward Progress:

1. What the Church Can Learn from Dunkin Donuts – Why is Dunkin beating Starbucks? It’s about the simplicity of the coffee. Maybe the church has something to learn from its success…

2. Barak Obama and Mark Driscoll – In one of my more clever blogging moments, I was able to tap into all the searchers trying to pair these guys to see what Big Mark might be saying about Big O. Answer? Nothing. But this post does have a video from each totally unrelated to each other.

3. The Future of the Church Choir? – Here’s a great video of a senior adult choir who knows how to get jiggy wid it.

4. Dave Ramsey on the Current Financial Crisis – Because I get Dave’s newsletter via email, I was able to cut and paste some of his answers to questions regarding the financial crisis.

5. Moses and 40 Long Years – A post reflecting on 4 decades of being a nobody, and how God uses those times to help us “become…”

6. Tithing is About Faith – Some reflections on why God, who doesn’t use an ATM card, likes the tithe.

7. Believe, Become, Behave – Here’s an examination of three elements of Paul’s theology, as taken from his writing style in the New Testament.

8. The Wisdom of God and Sea World (Part 2) – This is the conclusion of the story of Joshua’s Make-A-Wish trip, and what we learned from a stay on the leukemia floor of the Orlando Children’s Hospital.

9. Redemption – A simple video of a powerful church service about the things God buys back in our lives.

10. The Wisdom of God and Sea World (Part 1) – The story of how our trip to Disney landed us in the hospital, and what God had in store for us there.

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  • Zach Nielsen says:

    Congrats bro. First year down, 40 more to go. You are doing well!


  • Michael K. says:

    I can’t wait until I have the blog chip implanted in my brain and then what I think appears on screen. I think I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome from ripping off your blog all the time.

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