Weekends Are For Kids

If you saw last week’s “Weekends Are For Kids,” you know that number 3 is on the way. That’s cool; we like our kids so far. No reason to buck the trend now.

However, this development has launched us headlong into minivan shopping. 


It’s hard to even say. But there it is – and along with it is the emotional conflict of knowing that minivans are very “convenient,” and yet in no way cool.

I’m right in that, right? Convenient, yes. Cool, no.


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  • chrysanti says:

    Hello michael.. i just found your blog.. 🙂
    well, for me weekend is for family.. not only for kids.. 😛

  • CarrieZ says:

    I think the hubby would agree with you. However, I’ve always loved minivans (learned to drive in one!) and am loving the one that we finally just got. I’ve been wanting one for *years.* I’m pretty sure that qualifies me as a nerd of some sort. 🙂

  • Taylor says:

    No way man. Wrong. Minivans are cool.
    Watch Get Shorty – Travolta will tell you.

    What’s not cool about mini-vans is the fact that most are filthy, and disgusting; filled to the brim with books, and clothes, and old food, and crayons, and dirt, and something that stinks, and two week old rogue french fries, and who knows what else.

    I’m assuming that filth and disorganization comes with having a ton of kids. But, if you can avoid the mess and the stink – your minivan can and will be cool as ice.

    Also, one more thing, don’t think you have to have some stupid TV/DVD player in the thing. Absolutely unnecessary, alot of people probably disagree with this, but those people don’t talk to their kids, so…

  • liturgicsjay says:

    bro, i have a minivan (which we do our best to keep clean, Taylor), and I think you rode in it on the way to Bubba Gump – you didn’t feel cool then? I thought we had something going then. Pity.

  • Becky says:

    Get one with a tv and dvd player. Trust me on this one!

  • Zach Nielsen says:

    Dude, what could be cooler than a van full of crumbs from snack time, the nasty sippy cup full of milk that go left in the sun, the Barney sing-a-long CD’s to rock the stereo with, and the baby on board bumper sticker? Nothing says cool like those things.

  • Michael K. says:

    It seems like the spoiled milk sippy cup is a them with van owners. Can’t wait. Nothing like cuttable milk.

  • Renee Garcia says:

    LOL I’m glad you like your kids ;). We love our mini van! Cool? No. But MAN it holds a lot! LOL Welcome to the mini van club! 🙂

  • Krissy says:

    We are already contemplating a mini-van and we just have one little one right now (2 counting Doc the dog)! Chuck thinks they are much cooler than I do, I feel the mini-van might solidify the question of my uncoolness/oldness but I’m starting to embrace that idea and will ultimately committe to going with no reservations I’m sure!! I’m glad to hear that another my age is about to go to that point of no return as well!!
    If we do get one it will most definately have a DVD player! After making many long road trips with a toddler – it is a necessity in order to keep our sanity!! Sooooo worth the purchase!!

  • Taylor says:

    Oh one more thing:
    When we travel with all our gear cross country for shoots, we rent mini-vans that have the “stow-able” seats. Those stinking seats just disappear with the pull of a couple of ribbons. It’s amazing. Get black with tinted windows.

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