Weekends Are For Kids


Dear Andi:

Congratulations, little girl – you’re 2 years old. And what a 2 years it’s been. I’ll admit, Andi – I approached life with you with some trepidation. It wasn’t just because of your older brother’s health at the time (did I ever tell you that mommy, you, and Joshua were almost all in the hospital at the same time?). It’s also because you are a girl. And I don’t know what to do with little girls.

But you have taught me over these months. You have taught me that you love little girls. That’s what you do. You love their smiles and their tender hearts. You love to hear them say, “Daddy.” And you love that they can’t wait to hug you in the morning and when you get home in the afternoon.

Happy birthday, Andi. I’m so happy to be your daddy. And I am thankful that you are learning to say, “Yes sir.” I’m so proud of all your words. I’m honored you named your baby doll “Michael.” And I want you to know I will do my best to not embarrass you next year, get too much in your way, and yet protect you the best way I know how.


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