On the Road to "Major" Sin

From MMI:

How long does it take sin to totally screw up your life?

OK… here’s where I’m going with this one: One day your a prominent pastor. The next you get caught with a male prostitute allegedly buying crystal meth. One day you’re a pastor, looked up to by your congregation. The next, you’re caught buying and selling pornography on the internet. One day, your a beloved pastor with a beautiful wife and family that you adore. The next, you have an affair with a woman you’re counseling. One day, you’re a youth pastor with a loving wife and young kids. The next, you’re caught exposing yourself to someone in a park.

Here’s my thing: I don’t think huge sins happen in one day. Tell me if I’m wrong, but you don’t go from ok to exposing yourself in one day. You can’t go from everything being hunky dorey with your wife and family to the next day getting jiggy with someone you’re counseling. And you surely don’t go one day from being happily married to buying a male prostitute and experimenting with drugs, or selling porn on the internet…

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  • Jana Kelley says:

    I went to read the entire article and continued into reading some comments. Tough to read, but a worthy warning for us all.

  • Jim Johnston says:

    My back problem forced me into staying at home from church on Sunday, so I ended up watching a tragic HBO documentary entitled the “Trials of Ted Haggard.”
    If anyone in ministry is considering playing around with any manner of sexual sin, this documentary will get your attention.
    This man, who was a powerful leader for Christ in this country a year ago, has nothing. Sin has made every part of his life miserable and empty.
    It’s a bitter reminder of the scriptural lesson, “your sin will find you out.”

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