Live Long and Prosper

I am what you would call a slightly-more-than-casual fan of Star Trek. That is to say, I know the names and traits of the original cast of characters, can tell you the plot lines of the first six movies or so, and know who Khan is, but I can’t write this blog in Klingon.

I was really excited to sit down and enjoy J.J. Abrams’ take on this classic series, and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved every second of it.

The special effects were amazing, and I loved the look of the Enterprise. In the old TV series especially, everything looked kind of like it was made out of cardboard (and it probably was, given that it was the 60’s). And even into the later movies, every time the ship would get hit with a torpedo it looked like the crew was just jumping into stuff at random. But with everything in the known universe at his fingertips, Abrams made it look great. But he didn’t overdo it, the way George Lucas did with the aliens and the man-eating spiders in the new Indiana Jones movie (my review here).

Instead, Abrams held the right balance between developing the characters and exploding and creating black holes. The characters were what made the film – everybody was great. Kirk was the younger version of the arrogant captain. Bones was the developing nasty old man. And Spock was the ever-logical and yet emotional green-blooded Vulcan.

Spock, especially, must have been a challenge, since you are a member of a race that prizes itself on having only logic – no emotion. So when Spock (the child of a Vulcan father and a human mother) was younger and less mature, you would have to play him as an actor as both more logical and more emotional. And Sylar (that’s his name in Heroes) does it great, showing both extremes.

All in all, it’s 2 hours of “worth your time.” It’s a great time, especially if you know a little something about the movies and characters when you go in.

Alright, enough of that love fest – I’ve got Klingon to study. Long long and prosper, nerds…

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