50 Cent – The Wind Beneath My Wings


No kidding. According to an article referenced by Vitamin Z, Bette Midler and 50 Cent are now BFF’s:

The two apparently met while working on park restoration projects together. Says Bette, “He is one of the newest members of our tribe. He has really made my life worth living. 50 has been with me through thick and thin.”50 Cent agrees, “Look how beautiful things are and how nice it feels when I’m around her. Me and Bette collaborating would be really hot. But I’d need to make something new for her. For the right song, we’d definitely get together.”

How about that, guys? Bette and Fidy? It got me thinking. What if they did collaborate… what would the name of that song be? Here’s a few suggestions:

In Da Rose Club

Boogie Woogie Window Shopper

Wind Beneath My Candy Shop

21 Questions From a Distance

Got any more?

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