Sad Vacation News

First the good news. Disneyworld is amazing, and Joshua doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s met all the characters, ate gallons of ice cream, and had an absolutely wonderful time. 

Now we’re sitting in the Orlando Children’s Hospital. Joshua got a fever last night, and we are being admitted.
He doesn’t seem to feel bad other than the fever and there’s no sign of infection. But his counts have dropped to be really low. If you’re familiar with the terminology, he’s neutropenic. And also disappointed, just like we all are.
He got to do everything he wanted to do so far except go to Sea World. We were planning to do that today. Right now, our flights have us leaving here Wednesday evening, so we haven’t given up hope for Sea World yet. 
Would you please pray with us very specifically, that Joshua’s blood counts would rebound quickly? That he might still get to go to Sea World while we’re down here? And in the meantime, please pray for Jana and I as we try to explain why we’re in the hospital to him, and that he would be able to battle the disappointment as well as a 4 year old can.
More soon…

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