Obama's Teleprompter

images1Did you know President Obama’s teleprompter has a blog? He does; it’s got all the inside information about the administration, written from the perspective of the teleprompter. For example, check out this nugget about the continuing saga with US car companies:

It was a really exciting day around here. We once again created a host of bargain opportunities tomorrow for investors, thanks to the 250 point drop Big Guy helped spur. We also, apparently, bought a car company.

The speech about the auto bailout was fun to work with, because I got language from some great advertising-copy writers about that warranty section of the speech. It brought back memories of the days where I moonlighted on local Chicago TV stations to help pay Big Guy’s and my living expenses. Then, I loved doing used-car dealership ads, with the women in bikinis on the hoods, the guys with bad hair jobs. Today, it was exactly the same, though Carol Browner refused to get on the hood of a car.

The communications staff loves the idea of owning a car company, and we don’t even have to come up with a fancy name, like “Saturn” or “Plymouth.” U.S. Auto is perfect, because of the U.S.A. acronym. And the warranty plan; how great is that? If only the White House legal counsel would let us make the same kind of offer for all of Big Guy’s campaign promises.

I’m not sure about comms guys other ideas related to marketing U.S. Auto. For example, instead of brakes, they want to rename them “baracks.” I don’t care what they say, calling them that won’t make anyone feel safer. And when those “baracks” fail guess who gets the blame?

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