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Great news – we’re back at the Give Kids the World village. And Joshua has been sleeping off his hospital stay for the past 2 hours. but we’re clear, ready to start the vacation again.

And we’re going to stay an extra day just to stick it to leukemia.
Tomorrow, we go to Sea World. And we’re pretty thankful for it.
Thanks, friends. More soon…

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  • Chad says:

    I’m thankful that God does what He does and loves His children. No father would want his son to be in Orlando and miss Shamu. Enjoy the mess out of Seaworld, and enjoy a few more rounds on Buzz Lightyear! The tower will still be here when you get back.

  • Jason Hayes says:

    Kick Leukemia in the mouth! Enjoy SeaWorld!

  • Becky says:

    We prayed for Joshua at church yesterday. God loves your little boy. Yea for Sea World!!!

  • Cherilyn says:

    YES! That will show you, stupid leukemia. It is such a jerk.

    What great news!

  • Don Rogers says:

    Michael- you and I had a discussion last July about hell. You were very gracious in your answers even though we obviously disagree about much on the subject. Because of your attitude, I stop in to check on what’s happening with you. I somehow missed the news of leukemia. You and your son are in my prayers and thoughts.

  • Michael K. says:

    Thanks, Don – Glad you’re still checking in.

  • Christopher Lake says:

    Praying for you and your family, Michael. I haven’t checked in here for a while, so I missed these latest developments, but I am and will be praying. Take care, brother.

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