Life Goals

My friend (it makes me cool to call somebody big time “my friend”) Mark Batterson is a big goal guy. According to him, most people never get to where they want to be because they don’t know where they want to be. So it’s his practice to keep on his computer a file called “Life Goals.” It’s a really cool idea.

He also has produced a document called “10 Steps to Setting Life Goals.” The steps include:

1. Start with Prayer

4. Think in Categories

5. Be Specific

You can find the whole thing here. It’s really inspired me. I’ve always loved the idea of having a “Bucket List,” but I’ve never put in the work to do it. Until now. So here’s a couple of things from my list:

3. Preach in Beeson Chapel.

5. Write a children’s book series.

7. Complete a half iron-man.

16. Take Jana to Wimbledon.

24. See my grandchildren get married.

30. Pay in full for a child’s leukemia treatment.

31. Raft in the Grand Canyon.

How about you? Got any life goals?

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