Weekends Are For Kids

I was attacked.

The attacked was strategically planned and carried out with deliberate and intense preciseness.

I never knew what it hit me until it was too late.

The worst part was the attack came from those I love and trust most in the world.

God help us all.



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  • Leo says:

    Silly String…really…some attack…just wait – they get organized and more efficient…

    Had been a long day, was very tired, house was quiet…sat in chair, kicked back, turned on tv – good game on…nod…nod…full on nap attack…

    Woke up with youngest daughter painting my nails bright pink…while older brother and sister watched…when my eyes opened and adjusted, the boy let out a yell, the oldest held the door – and all three bolted to her car, where they made a clean getaway…with all the nail polish remover in the car with them…driving away, they made sure to hold it up for me to see…

  • Michael K. says:

    Wow…. wow.

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