You Can't Miss God's Will

I’ve often found myself paralyzed in trying to make a decision because of the fear of missing God’s will. What if I choose the wrong thing? What if I’m supposed to study this and not that? What if I’m not supposed to have Thai food tonight?

I want to argue that if you’re asking that question, then you’re not going to miss the will of God. Here’s what I mean.

In Genesis 20, Abraham does the same thing he got in trouble for decades earlier – he passed off his wife as his sister. Well, apparently Sarah had aged very well, and Abimelech the king “took her” into his house. Of course he did – he was the king; it was his right; and she was unattached. No harm no foul.

No harm, that is, until some time later God came to Abimelech in a dream and told him, “You’re as good as dead. She’s a married woman!”

Abimelech’s response? “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s hold on a second here. You’re God, and therefore you know that dude told me she was his sister. I have clean hands in this matter.”

The Lord’s response? “You’re exactly right. That’s why I kept you from touching her.”

I take great comfort in that. Abimelech had no malicious intent about him. He had no knowledge that his actions were sinful in anyway, and no intent to cross the will of God. And because he didn’t God kept it from happening. When we have a fork in the road and two choices in front of us, we should be asking the question, “What’s God’s will in this situation?” But we can ask that question in faith.

That’s a good thing, because chances are there’s not going to be a burning bush or a message in the clouds telling us what college to go to or which job to take. In the end, we’ll have to make a choice, and there’s an element of uncertainty with that. But if we make the choice with concern for the will of God, then we can do so in faith that God will not allow us to unintentionally miss His will. He did it for Abimelech, and He will do it for us.

The great news? You can’t miss God’s will – you can’t, that is, if you’re trying to find it.

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