Weekends Are For Kids

This is the weekend we have every 4 weeks – the one where Joshua has had his chemo treatment and is taking steroids. The steroids are meant to counteract some of the effects of the medicine, boosting his immune system while the chemo is attacking it. Unfortunately, those steroids have their own set of side effects.

They’re mood-altering drugs, so Joshua is always a little on edge. But the most interesting side effect continues to be ravenous hunger. During these weeks, our 4-year-old will put down 3 bowls of cereal, an adult-sized loaded potato from McAllister’s, or excessive amounts of chips and cheese. I just watched him take down a ham and cheese sandwich and 2 bowls of soup.

Besides our grocery bill, I’ve got to wonder – are all these steroids going to affect his baseball career? I hate to think his stats might be *asterisked because of roids.

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