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  • Amy Wright says:

    Wow! That can sure put things into perspective.
    You know, President Obama says that he is for abortion if it is a choice between the life of the baby or the mother. And I can understand the struggle, but as a mother, I don’t think I could live the rest of my life knowing that I chose my own life over the life of my own baby. And if I were to have to choose that now (with 3 kids already), knowing that I’d leave kids and a husband behind, I still couldn’t choose my own life.
    I was just thinking about all of this today because I heard on the news that Texas is trying to pass a law to make ladies who want to have an abortion have a sonogram first and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Pro-choice groups are completely against it.
    Anyway, just my ramblings.

  • chad says:

    What are Obama’s views on abortion. Not that this is a political blog or anything, but does anyone know?

  • Michael K. says:

    Even though he claimed in the Saddleback Debate that the answer as to when life begins was “above his pay grade,” I think that given that in the first week of administration he lifted the Mexico City Ban it’s pretty clear where he stands on the issue.

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