Weekends Are For Kids

Now that Christmas is almost over (we still have Christmas to go in Nashville), here’s a list of some top Christmas moments:

1. Joshua made friends with all dogs everywhere. Jana’s greatest fear is slowly coming into reality, as he will soon ask for his own puppy.

2. Andi does not, evidently, share Joshua’s affinity for dogs. She likes the idea of dogs, but not the reality.

3. Andi learned how to say “Jesus.” Of course, she does look for a slice of cheese after she says it… she might think it’s “cheese us.”

4. Joshua went with us to the Christmas Eve service. We took communion. He failed to grasp the theological significance, and wondered instead why Jesus didn’t want him to have a snack.

5. Since we leave tomorrow for the 1000 mile trip home on the road, I’m leaving number 5 open in faith of a great moment on the drive…

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