Weekends Are For Kids

Today is October 18, and 2 years ago today I was sitting in a doctor’s office. We had noticed a rash on Joshua’s stomach and I took him to his pediatrician to get him fixed up. The rash ended up being a symptom of a greater problem, caused by capillaries bursting below his skin because his white blood cell count was so high. His white blood cell count was so high because some 80% of his blood cells were affected by leukemia. 

Today’s the anniversary, and today we have alot of hope in this situation as Joshua’s treatment continues to press on and go well. But it does feel strange to be grizzled veterans at this point, having done this stuff for 2 years. On the blog on Monday, I’ll be posting some reflections from year 2, but until then, thanks for reading and praying with us through this.

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