Weekends Are For Kids

I’m in trouble. The reason I’m in trouble is my daughter. Besides all the issues I’m clueless about—2 piece bathing suits, makeup, pigtails, visiting certain sections of the grocery store—there is something else that does not bode well for me in the future. Andi’s smile. Here is a little girl that knows how to smile. She knows how to puff out the cheeks and laugh. And she knows how to do it at just the right time. Is that something instinctive to certain females? Maybe so – I know her mama has gotten out of her fair share of traffic tickets over the years. And one smile from Andi sort of makes you forget that you’re mad at her. And – this part is the bad news – it’s only a matter of time until she realizes that she has this power. If only she will learn that with great power comes great responsibility…

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