Weekends Are For Kids

One of the things I’m appreciating more and more is that my kids have a growing sense of humor. Joshua’s humor has morphed into the typical little boy humor – that is, he loves to make up words and talk in gibberish and thinks his and other people’s bodies make a wealth of really, really, really funny noises. Okay, so I think that’s pretty funny too.

Andi’s humor is a little more refined. Maybe she takes after her mom.

She told her first joke this week. Andi is doing a great job learning her signs. She can now sign please, thank you, eat, drink, help, book, hat, shoes, water, mommy, daddy, apple, and… cracker. You sign cracker by knocking with your fist on the elbow.

Andi wanted to get up on the couch last week, so we told her to use the sign for help. She instead signed cracker. Then she cackled. And signed cracker again.

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  • eblack says:

    It takes years to fully comprehend the plethora of noises the body can truly make…. and to develop an entire comedic life around that… 🙂 These are true skills!

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