Disney is Everywhere – So Is God

I flew into Orlando last night for the Threads Connect Conference, and I am again reminded by I love Disney. And I do love Disney. 

Disney is everywhere – road signs, bathrooms, luggage – there’s even an exclusively Disney TV channel here in the hotel. It’s everywhere. And if you go to Disney, you see that they have gone to pain-staking lengths to make sure that your Disney experience doesn’t end.

If you eat at a restaurant in the Disney complex, it’s a Nemo restaurant. If you go to the bathroom, it’s princess toilet paper you see. As you’re waiting in line like cattle, you’re treated to Disney cartoons. The experience is all-encompassing and never-ending.

I’m also reminded of Brother Lawrence, the old, old monk who argued that there was no separation between the sacred and the secular, the holy and the ordinary. In his mind, even washing the pots and pans (which was his daily duty) became a holy act. He argued that because God is present everywhere, it becomes our choice about whether to recognize His presence.

He’s always there, no matter how “secular” the act may be. He’s there at dinner, in the meeting, and in the bathroom. And today, I’m going to try harder to remember this fact – not as an element of fear (as if to say, “Watch out what you do because God is watching”) but as an element of relationship. Of conversation. Of prayer.

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  • Allison says:

    i like it! Nice thought as I head out for a long day of OCC.
    Do you get to go to the happyland or just observe from a far?
    That could also be an analogy 🙂 Missed seeing you this week. Maybe we can catch up this weekend!

  • Michael K. says:

    Just observing, though I’m pushing for a visit to Islands of Adventure. Maybe if I tell them it would be a holy experience…

  • eblack says:

    nice connection! thanks for that. I need to think about God being there with me as I type “meaningless” numbers and letters.

  • Christopher Lake says:

    Thanks for this particularly helpful post, Michael. My life has had much pain and struggle (and just *seeming* mundanity) that would appear meaningless to me, if it were not for the fact that I know God is sovereign over all and working all things for good for those who love Him.

    Eblack, nothing is meaningless in a world that is created and sustained by the Author of meaning. I hear you, though, and that is exactly why I wanted to encourage you! 🙂

  • TheDeeZone says:


    Excellent reminder.

    You forgot Mickey mouse utility poles.

    I was the former resident of the Big Country in your last session. Enjoyed the session and your blog.

    As for theme parks being a holy experience wouldn’t that be the Holy Land Experience. Well, we did attend a worship service at Rock the Univerise a couple of weeks ago.


  • Michael K. says:

    True enough, Dee – Can’t wait to get to the Holy Land Experience myself. Lots of angels there.

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