Sex IS Related to Spiritual Condition

I knew it! As if I needed another reason to memorize more Bible verses and pray without ceasing, here’s a report from WorldNetDaily as retold by MMI:

Contrary to popular notions of Christians as sexual prudes, 15 years of study have convinced a psychologist and professor that “knowing” your spouse “in the biblical sense” can be scientifically verified as a fulfilling and spiritual experience.

Dr. Chuck MacKnee, who teaches psychology at Trinity Western University, a school associated with the Evangelical Free Church near Vancouver, Canada, began studying sexuality in Christian couples in the 1990s at the University of British Columbia.

MacKnee told The Vancouver Sun that while many people assume biblical writers used the phrase “knowing” a person as a bashful way of saying “having sex,” he believes the writers and translators were tapping into the uniquely intimate sense of knowing God that can be found within married, Christian sexuality.

Here’s the full study:

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