Weekends Are For Kids

I love stories. Now without going too postmodern on you here, I think stories are a great way to connect with the Storyteller. What’s really cool is to see that same love for story in your kids.

Joshua really likes to hear stories and I think that’s awesome. So it’s really cool to hear Joshua ask, “Can you tell me the story of Samson?” Or like today, “Can you tell me the story of Superman and Lex Luther?” Whatever – the point is the kid loves to hear stories, and you can see it in his eyes that he’s living what he’s hearing.

Andi, I think, is well on her way. Okay, okay – so she doesn’t love stories so much yet – but she loves books, and that’s something. Okay, okay again – so she doesn’t love books; she loves A book, the book with the puppies, to which she likes to respond “Woo Woo.”

I think this is a good value to instill in our children—imagination, creativity, love of story. I’m glad our kids are taking it on, and hope that this is the natural progression for them coming to see themselves as part of THE story.

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