The Dark Knight

That’s right friends – The Dark Knight opens tonight. If you don’t know what it is, shame on you. But I’ll tell you – I’m seeing it tomorrow night, and I’m as excited as I’ve ever been about a movie. Here are some choice quotes from critics about the movie:

“The most brilliantly complex, perfectly paced, nerve-jangling, moral-wrangling film ever based on a graphically detailed literary work and, dare I say, one of the most important American films to be made in years.”

“With only three short words comprising the film’s enigmatic title, it also boasts three epic claims to fame: the role of a lifetime for the late Heath Ledger, one of the best films of 2008 and one of the greatest superhero films of all time.”

“A thought-provoking morality tale about the descent into darkness of a vigilante superhero, an anarchistic and sadistic villain, and an ardent idealist whose dreams are shattered.”

“Nihilistic, imaginative and emotionally gratifying, The Dark Knight is in many ways a groundbreaking triumph, and perhaps the best superhero film to date.”

“This is not merely a Batman movie. It is not merely a comic-book movie. It is not merely gripping summer entertainment. It is, with Wall-E, one of the two best mainstream films to be released all year and far and away the most hypnotic chiller.”

In other critics’ minds, it’s been said that this movie is not just a superhero movie; it’s a crime movie that stands up next to The Untouchables and Heat. I could not be more excited.

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