Scooter Mania – Evaluation

I should mention that the scooter in question is not mine; it belongs to some good friends who let me try it out to see if I like it good enough to actually have one. So here’s a recount of my experience.

5:30 am – Wake up excited to “get my motor runnin’, head out on the highway…”
5:38 am – Reconsider my outfit of shorts and t-shirt. I was going to the gym first before work. Add long-sleeve t-shirt.
5:45 am – Realize that sunglasses might be necessary due to the enormous amount of bugs flying into my eyes.
5:47 am – Wishing I lived about 2 miles closer to work because even in the middle of summer in Tennessee, it’s cold on the back of a scooter.
5:48 am – Am I weeping because I don’t live 2 miles closer? Oh, that’s just my eyes trying to fight back the wind because I’m not wearing sunglasses.
5:50 am – Wondering why the city of Nashville made the speed limit on Franklin Road 50 mph. Didn’t they consider shivering scooter-riders in their municipal rulings?
5:52 am – Receive cat calls from the construction crew working at the YMCA. I do have nice legs, thank you very much. Men are pigs.

The ride home was alot warmer. And the scooter was a blast. I’m still considering if it’s worth the investment, but if nothing else, me and my hog had a grand time together. I will say that perhaps Taylor was right in his comment to the last post, and I can put my purse in the milk basket behind me. Maybe he’s also right in this – one of these might be a little more masculine…

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