Food Wasters

That’s exactly what we are. According to an article in Popular Science, we are throwing away more than enough food to make significant progress in the area of world hunger:

In the current climate of rising gas and food prices, it should stand to reason that people would find ways to change their most wasteful habits. According to new research from the UK, we need look no further than our own refrigerators. Fully 18 percent of all food purchased for household use in England and Wales is thrown away. The number is even higher for families with children at 27 percent. A now four year-old study of similar measure in the U.S. puts the American number around 14 percent, with nearly half of all food readied for harvest never making it to a dinner table. It is hard to imagine that just two generations ago these numbers would have been unthinkable.

There are even more specific statistics here in an article from the BBC. It’s pretty amazing to think about how much excess there is in our culture. It’s a good reality check to see that there really is a difference between what we need and what we want.

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